Join us Mondays at 1:30 PM for fun and educational programs, events, activities, and homeschooling support!

Homeschool Program: September - May

These programs take place during the school year, serving as a supplemental resource for homeschool families to explore social, scientific, and artistic educational opportunities!

Summer Learning: June - August

Designed for any kids 5-12 years old accompanied by an adult, these are fun & educational opportunities to continue learning all summer long!

Browse some of these helpful educational resources!


The Smithsonian Institute - Fun games, activities, and virtual tours
Discovery Education - Virtual field trips
Ducksters - History, Geography, & Science - PreK-8th: Lesson plans, worksheets, games, activities
Khan Academy - All Grades: Basically an entire education for free

Educational Games

iCivics - "Build civic strength through education" - PreK-8th Grade
CoolMath4Kids - Classic old-school math games for younger kids
CoolMath - Classic old-school math games for older kids

YouTube Channels

National Geographic for Kids - An exciting place to discover animals, science, and adventure
SciShowKids - Science videos for younger kids
SciShow - Science videos for older kids
Crash Course Kids - Only science videos so far for younger kids
Crash Course - History, math, science, etc for older kids